The Ludwig van Beethoven Association’s mission is:

  • to organize, on a regular basis, the Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival,
  • to promote classical music,
  • to popularize classical music and its composers,
  • to educate musically gifted young people,
  • to protect the national musical heritage,
  • to promote music as a tool for integrating societies and nations of Europe and the world,
  • to provide cultural education and to carry out culture promoting activities,
  • to support charity and humanitarian causes.

The Association fulfils its mission by:

1. Organizing concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events.
2. Giving support to music and art circles.
3. Carrying out publishing, informational, promotional, educational and training activities.
4. Conducting research and scholarly activities.
5. Keeping databases that are thematically linked to the statutory aims.
6. Supporting nongovernmental organizations in the process of European integration and international cooperation.
7. Elaborating and publishing informational and legal materials for individuals.
8. Expressing opinions on pub

(Polski) 28. Wielkanocny Festiwal Ludwiga van Beethovena