Wrocławska Orkiestra Barokowa

The Wrocław Baroque Orchestra was set up in 2006by Andrzej Kosendiak. The orchestra’s repertoire coversmusic from the early Baroque to Romanticism, fromchamber pieces to grand oratorio works. From theearliest days of its operation, the ensemble has workedunder the artistic direction of a consummate cellist,Jarosław Thiel.Today, the Wrocław Baroque Orchestra (WBO) is oneof the most important Polish ensembles performingon historical instruments. The achievements and artisticmerits of the orchestra, praised by audiences and criticsalike, result in cooperation with the greatest names onthe international early music stage including PhilippeHerreweghe, Giovanni Antonini, Andrew Parrott,Paul McCreesh, Andreas Spering, Hans-ChristophRademann, Laurence Cummings, Rubén Dubrovsky,and Christian Curnyn. The WBO has also performedwith excellent ensembles and teams, including theCollegium Vocale Gent, Cantus Cölln, Taverner Consortand Players, Dresdner Kammerchor, Gli Angeli Genève,Olga Pasiecznik, Julia Lezhneva, Renata Pokupić,Nicholas Mulroy, Daniel Taylor, and Aleksandra Kurzak.The WBO is invited to prestigious festivals, participatesin radio broadcasts, and runs an extensive recordingprogramme. Their first CD won the Fryderyk Awardfor the Recording Debut of 2011, while the followingrecordings were recognised with a number ofnominations to the prize. In 2017, as a follow-up tofruitful collaboration with Paul McCreesh and hisGabrieli Consort & Players, the orchestra releasedHaydn’s The Four Seasons, and will soon publish musicrecorded with Gli Angeli Genève and Concerto Palatinounder Stephan MacLeod in 17th-century Wrocławchurches.