Polish National Youth Choir

The Polish National Youth Choir is a project in artand education addressed to young singers agedfrom 18 to 26: students of colleges and vocalfaculties of music universities and institutions ofhigher education, and to the best singers in Polishchoirs. It is financed from funds from the Ministerof Culture and National Heritage, and run by theNational Forum of Music. It was set up in 2013as an independent two-module training projectdedicated to singers and conductors. The ChoirAcademy became part of the project in 2015.Every edition of the Polish National Youth Choirproject covers two sessions spanning from 7 to10 days, and devoted to a specific subject. Duringevery session, quartets, sections, and tutti arerehearsed, and individual singing lessons are given,while specialists in the respective fields lecture andrun workshops. All these activities are crowned ina concert when the young singers can present theeffects of their work.In previous editions, the young have workedunder the baton of established conductorsincluding Paul McCreesh, Jacek Kaspszyk, AndrzejKosendiak, Benjamin Bayl, Jacek Sykulski, WernerPfaff, Benjamin Shwartz, Christoph Poppen, RogerTreece, Marcin Wawruk, and Marcin Tomczak.The vocal training was assured by KatarzynaOleś-Blacha, Ewa Vesin, Anna Lubańska, JarosławBręk, Marta Brzezińska, Nicholas Mulroy, MarekBałata, Karolina Pasierbska, Sissy Handler, AnnaMikołajczyk, Ewa Marciniec, Derek Welton, TomWilliams, Eamonn Dougan, Robert Nakoneczny,Richard Bannan, Dominic Peckham, Tori Longdon,Joanna Tomlinson, Robert Evans, Henryk Böhm,and Rebecca Lodge.