The Symphony Orchestra of the Feliks Nowowiejski Warmia and Mazury Philharmonic

The Symphony Orchestra of the Feliks Nowowiejski Warmia and Mazury Philharmonic

The Symphony Orchestra, founded in January 1946, was the brainchild of Mirosław Dąbrowski. Its inaugural concert was held on 17 March of the same year and in 1962 the ensemble was re-named the Feliks Nowowiejski Symphony Orchestra. Subsequently, the orchestra was given the status of a state symphony orchestra, and later, in 1973, was elevated to an even higher rank of a philharmonic orchestra. In 2002, it was placed under the authority of the Warmia and Mazury Regional Council, and changed its name to the current one.

The Symphony Orchestra of the Warmia and Mazury Philharmonic has performed both at home and abroad, appearing in such countries as Russia, Spain, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Italy, and France. It has recorded 17 albums, including its latest 2-CD album featuring Nowowiejski’s oratorio Quo Vadis.

On 1 July 2011, Piotr Sułkowski was appointed general and artistic director of the Philharmonic. In honour of the performances in its new home the Philharmonic has been awarded such accolades as the Statuette of St Jacob, the “Best of the Best” Laurel, and the title “Investment of the 25 Years of Warmia and Mazury”.

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary of operation (2016), the ensemble received the Gloria Artis Silver Medal.

Following the decision of the Polish Parliament to declare 2016 the Year of Feliks Nowowiejski (the orchestra’s patron), the inauguration ceremony of his year was held at the Philharmonic on 22 January 2016. Special artistic events included a performance of the oratorio Quo vadis by the ensemble in Kraków, Barczew, and Warsaw.

Music aficionados from the region of Warmia and Mazury have consistently shown their appreciation for the Orchestra, considering its artistic achievements an important part of their own identity. The Philharmonic’s new seat has become a centre of culture whose importance clearly extends beyond the borders of the region and the whole country.

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