Muza Rubackyte

After diplomas at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow, she was a prizewinner at the All Union Competition in St. Petersburg.  In 1981 she won the Grand Prize at the Liszt-Bartok International Piano Competition in Budapest. A member of the Lithuanian resistance, she was only able to leave the USSR in 1989.  In Paris she won First Prize in the Concours international Les Grands Maîtres Français.


Playing on all five continents MUZA has 30 recitals programs and 40 concertos in her repertoire. Always up for the latest challenge she performs in one day the complete “Years of Pilgrimage” and the complete “24 Preludes and Fugues” by Shostakovich.



In 1999, the Beethoven Archives of Bonn entrusted her with the new version for piano and string quintet of Beethoven’s Concerto No. 4 for piano and orchestra, which she recorded as a world premiere.  To celebrate the 2011 bicentenary anniversary of Liszt, the International Committee invited MUZA to become a member.  In 2012, the Hungarian Ministry of Culture awarded her the “Pro Cultura Hungarica” prize for her promotion of Liszt’s legacy.


In 2012 she performed “Resurrection”, K. Penderecki’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra In Puerto Rico, and again 2013 at the opening of the 3rd Vilnius Piano Music Festival for the master’s 80th anniversary.


In Lithuania, the President of the Republic awarded her the Legion of Honour for her actions for independence and several decorations for her commitment as a cultural ambassador.  She is founder and artistic director of the biennial Piano Music Festival in Vilnius, Her discography of some 30 titles includes the complete “Years of Pilgrimage” by Liszt (Lyrinx), “24 Preludes and Fugues” by Shostakovich (Brilliant Classics), 10 concertos for piano and orchestra (“Great Lithuanian live recordings” – Doron). Her two latest recordings are devoted to the music of Louis Vierne for piano (2015) and string quartet and voice (2016), with Brilliant Classics.