Łukasz Krupiński

Łukasz Krupiński – winner of the 7thInternational Piano Competition in San Marinoand of all the special prizes: the Audience Award,the Music Critics’ Award, and the Orchestra Award(September 2016). Finalist of the InternationalCompetitionof Ferruccio Busoni in Bolzano (2017) and thewinner of the international piano competitionsin Aachen (2016) and Hannover (2015). In October2015 he won acclaim as one of the 20 best pianistsof the 17th Fryderyk Chopin International PianoCompetition.Krupiński released his debut album Espressionein 2017. The CD was nominated to the InternationalClassical Music Awards 2018 in Solo Instrumentcategory and received excellent reviews fromPizzicato and Gramophone magazines, the MDRKultur, Radio 100,7 Luxembourg, and Radio France.Łukasz Krupiński has given numerous concerts inPoland, Lithuania, Belarus, Belgium, France, Norway,Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia,China, South Korea, Australia and the US.Recipient of the Minister of Culture andNational Heritage Prize for remarkable artisticaccomplishments (twice: in 2013 and 2014),the Minister of Culture and National HeritageScholarship (2015) and Krystian ZimermanFoundation Scholarship (2015). In 2016 he washonoured with a Commemorative Medal of theFryderyk Chopin University of Music in recognitionof artistic achievements.Graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Musicin Warsaw under the supervision of Professor AlicjaPaleta-Bugaj and Dr Konrad Skolarski, he is currentlya student of Professor Arie Vardi at the HannoverUniversity of Music, Drama, and Media.Łukasz Krupiński is represented by the Ludwigvan Beethoven Association.